Deep Depth of Field -Entry 1

As part of a shooting exercise, our lecturer asked us to take pictures of the rugby fans in Cardiff on match day. I took dozens of pictures during the day and as it was so bright and sunny outside, it was difficult to get a good balance of light for the photos and I often had to adjust the settings for different angles.

The settings used were:

  • F/9 – 1/320 sec – ISO 200
  • F/9 – 1/320 sec – ISO 800
  • F/7.1 – 1/320 sec – ISO 100

These pictures did not need an overly large aperture to get a deep depth of field, the images are clear and sharply focused which is aesthetically pleasing and makes for a better photograph. I love how the red stands out in the images, especially in the third picture where the red contrasts with the blue of the sky.


Deep Depth of Field -Entry 1