Wedding Photography – Entry 1

Assisting a photographer

My first taste of wedding photography came a few weeks ago when a friend asked if I was available to assist at a wedding the following weekend. I was free, so I of course obliged and made the necessary arrangements.

The day arrived and I was picked up ready for the drive to the location, I was briefed along the way and told that I would be covering the church while she (the other photographer) would be with the bride at the hotel. It was rather daunting being left on my own to capture the right shots to give a sense of the place and also show the guests arriving etc. The church was decorated beautifully, but it was hard to get good photos as the lighting was so poor inside and the camera couldn’t adapt to the low lighting very well.


My main purpose was to be a secondary photographer and capture photos of the bride from behind as she walked down the aisle and get nice shots of the back of the dress. I had to adopt to using a speedlight flashgun, which helped a lot.

I did some post-production work in photoshop to alter the lighting, colour, contast and crop some of the images.

After the church we relocated to the reception venue, taking pictures of the guests enjoying drinks, the decorations, entertainment etc. The lighting was very nice, it was a beautiful sunny day.

We also took some shots of the family in a more posed manner. The typical traditional style with the family, bridesmaids and groomsmen all lined up, as well as some quirky photos.

After this, it was ready for the guests to sit down for the wedding breakfast inside, the place was intricately detailed with a champagne colour theme. The room was well lit with the glass ceiling allowing the light to come in.

We captured the moment the bride and groom entered the room and sat down at their table, greeting family and friends; ready to relax and enjoy the rest of their evening.

I left shortly after this as I wasnt needed for the full event. I took around 500 photos in total and the majority turned out alright and just needed some minor editing. Overall I feel it went rather well considering I’d never done a wedding before. I’m not sure whether I’m overly confident about doing it alone yet, but I am required to photograph a family members wedding in a few weeks so I will update on how that went by the end of the month.

Wedding Photography – Entry 1

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