Moving Image – Critical Evaluation

The moving image piece I filmed was rather enjoyable to create and edit, it took only a few days work in total and I would gladly film again sometimes.

I chose to create a video to accompany a soundtrack, a montage of video and stills to an ambient track. My story was about the journey of a group of people who took the challenge of hiking up Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons. Taking inspiration from TV documentaries, I aimed to compile a short video of visually interesting and beautiful clips, not unlike those that can be found in BBC documentaries.

The video was shot solely on Pen Y Fan, this meant that it was subject to weather conditions on the day. I also only had one day to film, meaning if I didn’t have enough footage then I would have to find a way to go back or try to stretch what I had. If it rained then it would have been difficult to get good footage without risking the camera. As the sun was so bright it was hard to tell whether the footage was over exposed or not as the screen was hard to see. Luckily the footage came out okay.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera script, even though I knew roughly in my head the different shots I wanted I missed out a few and had to substitute for other footage I filmed on the day. This wasn’t a problem in the end as it still worked in the film and flowed well with the music.

Another issue I faced was the ability to steady the camera, as I was up a mountain and walking on a trail there was little to no places to use to steady the camera meaning that a lot of the clips were quite jumpy and unsteady, which can be seen in the final edit. This could be resolved with a monopod or tripod, I will know to go more equipped in the future.

Editing was basic as I had only edited one professional video before. Considering I only knew simple editing techniques in Adobe Premiere, I have quite an ear for music and know when to change a clip to fit with the beat and flow well. I have been able to learn a lot of new skills on this project, especially in regards to editing, I prefer to edit than film as you are able to have more creative input.
Overall I feel it could have been filmed better but it is still a good film considering I have never shot and edited a film before. I feel I have learnt a lot from this project, I know more about framing in regards to film and also the different types of shots. This information will be useful for future projects, it is good to have different skills that can be applied to a multitude of situations.


Moving Image – Critical Evaluation

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