Moving Image – Filming and Editing

The day of filming arrived and I had my shots in mind, driving up to Pen Y Fan I had my camera with me and was ready to start filming. I knew how to film as I had previously done some filming work before so I was prepared thus far.

Stepping out of the car I completely dismissed my idea of filming everyone getting out of the car to show the start of the journey. Heading to the trail I filmed a few panning shots of the road and static shots of trees etc. Starting the hike I would stop to film occasionally to grab a few seconds of footage here and there. I managed to get a range of different shots and tick off a lot of the shots on my list.

As I’d done the walk countless times before I could make a plan of the shots I needed as I know what is around there and what would be suitable. I filmed the group as they hiked up and when we got to the peak I filmed them there too as well as panning shots of the view and a static shot of the sign at the top.

I also filmed on my walk down as I took a different route, knowing that there  was a lot to film that way also, and the footage could be very useful.

Reaching the bottom and completing the hike I felt that I had enough footage and looking back at it all there is plenty.

Editing is something fairly new to me, I had once edited a short video for a friend before, but as it was none of my footage it was more about looking through the clips and choosing what I thought was best rather than composing a general script beforehand.

Using the Keaton Henson track was a good idea as the beat and rhythm of the music made it easy to transition to different clips. Editing was simple enough and overall it only took two hours to complete. I enjoy creating videos and editing them as you have a lot of creative input and its great to see your idea come to life. I am not quite convinced of whether it is more enjoyable than photography, so I will stick to just that for the time being. Though I will help out will filming or editing if anyone requires help.


Moving Image – Filming and Editing

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