Street Portraits – Entry 5

I took another trip to London, this time it was raining and so the sun was hidden by the clouds. Still needing a few more portraits I decided to get my camera out and take a few more pictures. It was a clear, bright day so the lighting was perfect.

These first few photos were rather rushed, I didn’t have much time to adjust the camera to begin with so I just used the settings I was last using. Luckily this worked regardless and the photos came out reasonably clear.

F/6.3 – ISO 400 – 1/160sec
F/8 – ISO 400 – 1/160sec

The male also started laughing and smiling which meant I had to take a few more pictures to get it right, in the end it all worked out.

There was a lot of people around and they were happy to have their photos taken, despite it raining. Luckily it only rained on and off so I had the chance to take the photos without the camera getting wet.

F/8 – ISO 400 – 1/160sec

I then approached this couple that looked incredible, their style was amazing and they so many piercings!! These photos were very rushed as they had to quickly leave afterwards. Unfortunately he blinked in one photo.

F/8 – ISO 400 – 1/160sec

I think I have enough street portraits now, it was an interesting experience having to approach random people in the streets and I don’t think I will be doing it very often.

Street Portraits – Entry 5

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