Moving Image – Proposal

The moving image project idea is a photographic piece influenced by a soundtrack. The film will follow a group of people as they hike up Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, the story is showing their journey to the peak. It will include shots of the view and the nature as well as the group. It is a 2-3 minute long video that is intended for those that have an interest in outdoor activities, aimed more at those over the age of 12 with no preference to male and female. The purpose of the film is to show the beauty of Brecon and the challenge of the hike. It is a documentary style short video, intended to show photographic skills that are transferable to film, it will be edited to music to create a entertainment piece. The soundtrack will be a mellow, calming piece of music; either an instrumental or heavily acoustic song. The moving image project will be solely created by myself; including directing, planning, filming and editing. The production will take approximately one day of filming and one day of editing.

Moving Image – Proposal

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