Moving Image – Ideas and Research

For the moving image assignment I have a few ideas. When the assignment was first presented I had a vague idea of what I would like to do but not sure whether it would be easy to execute or not.

My first idea is a documentary piece about homelessness. The general proposal is to follow a homeless man or woman in Cardiff for one day and document their daily life and see how it is for them. It would include an interview; the audio would be overlaid on the video.

I have had a look at similar projects online, there are a few documentary short videos about homelessness. I did a google search and came across a video on Vimeo ‘Shelter: a look at Manchester’s homeless’, its a 12 minute short film following how a few people live on the streets of Manchester and how they are treated by the public. Made by a man called Mike Staniford to raise awareness of homelessness, it is his debut documentary and was published 4 years ago.


He wrote a blog about how he created the video also, including his planning and kit used. It is very informative and was interesting to read, it’s given more of an insight into how to make my own video.

The video was shot using Canon DSLR’s:

Canon 7D, 60D and 550D
Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4
Canon 24-70mm L 2.8
Tokina 11-16mm 2.8

Zoom H1
Audio Techina Lav mic
Rode VideoMic Pro

Sachtler ACE tripod
Manfrotto Video Monopod
Flycam 3000
Glidetrack SD

Edited and CC’d in Final Cut X. Text and tracking done in After Effects CS5.5


Although I would love to execute this idea, I knew it would not be very easy and probably not possible for me to do. I was discussing it with my friend and said that I didn’t have many ideas. He said that I should make a video about my interests, that it could be something that informs people more about the subject. As I like the gym he said that I could interview someone who goes to the gym. He doesn’t have an interest in this so said that it could be educational to those, like him, that aren’t particularly keen with the idea of gym’s and physical exercise. It would also be inclusive to those that do enjoy the gym, so it would appeal to a wider audience.

I had the thought of possibly interviewing my personal trainer, I mentioned it to him and he said that he planned for a group of us to hike up Pen Y Fan in a week. Thinking about this, it seems a great opportunity to film, I could document the challenge and it will be very photographic, there is a lot that can be filmed and it could be a great subject to video to be put to a soundtrack.

Moving Image – Ideas and Research

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