Studio Pastiche – Entry 2

Today I finally managed to get into the studio to recreate my ‘Audrey Kitching’ photograph. I borrowed mannequins from fashion and had obtained polystyrene mannequin heads on eBay to write ‘PLASTIC’, ‘BASIC’, and ‘NORMAL’ on them like in the pictures. I attached the heads to the mannequin bodies with tape as only the heads would be on show.

It took a long time to get the lighting right. With the studio lights, when I would take the photo, the flash would be too bright to begin with. There was also an issue with the pink colour being too overpowering, the blue was supposed to be more widespread and prominent.

F/5.6 – ISO 100 – 1/60sec
F/8 – ISO 100 – 1/60sec

The lights had to be adjusted and moved around lots of times, and it still wasn’t working as the blue just wasn’t strong enough. The softbox with the pink gels had to be moved far back to give just a subtle tone.

F/8 – ISO 100 – 1/60sec
F/11 – ISO 100 – 1/60sec

As it didn’t seem to be working well with the two softboxes I thought it might be good to try using continuous lighting instead. We experimented using one tungsten light with the blue gels attached to make the colour stronger and it seemed to work a lot better. It was difficult to get the balance right as when triggering the studio light it would either wash out the blue completely or be too dark. The light had to be adjusted and moved numerous times to get it right.

F/5.6 – ISO 100 – 1/60sec
F/10 – ISO 100 – 1/60sec

When the balance was right with the blue and pink lighting, it was time to recreate the image. It was the closest I could get with the equipment available to me and I was quire happy with it eventually.

F/5.6 – ISO 100 – 1/60sec

I had to take numerous shots to get the framing and angle right.

F/5.6 – ISO 100 – 1/40sec
F/5.6 – ISO 100 – 1/60sec

Overall the shoot took approximately one hour, most of this time was used for setting up the lights and the set.

F/5.6 – ISO 100 – 1/60sec

Studio Pastiche – Entry 2

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