Street Portraits – Entry 2

I went to London for a movie premiere and so I took my camera, I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some more street portraits.  With a few friends with me I felt I could easily talk to people in London in comparison to in Cardiff as I’ve found Londoners to be friendlier and more approachable. I managed to take quite a lot of photos, though it was really sunny and so it was quite difficult to get the settings right. Sometimes the photos turned out a little overexposed. Overall I’m quite pleased with how the majority of the photos turned out though I will probably have to go out and take some more photos.

With it being so sunny, it was difficult to find an angle that the sun didn’t affect the picture too much. It also meant that people started to squint as the sun was in their eyes, or they were wearing sunglasses.

F/9 – ISO 100 – 1/160sec

At this angle, the person is facing away from the sun. The shadows are a lot different but the face is clear. I’m not sure I particularly like the photo’s this way but it’s difficult when dealing with harsh, bright sunlight.

F/9 – ISO 100 – 1/160sec

I took photos of the people at various ranges; headshot, mid shot, full body. This is so I have a range to choose from and can pick which are the best altogether.

This angle was more flattering, the shadows fall on the one side of the face and the sun isn’t too overbearing. These photos turned out a lot better than the first two people.

F/9 – ISO 100 – 1/160sec

Again, the sunlight was still very harsh. The ISO was all the way down to 100 so I had to up the shutter speed and the F stop so that the photos aren’t so exposed.

F/9 – ISO 100 – 1/160sec

It seemed to be just luck to get the lighting good at the right moment. These photos turned out okay. I kept the settings the same throughout the majority of the day.

I like how these turned out, the lighting was perfect and he was very photogenic.

A few people were wearing sunglasses as it was so sunny, though the photo’s look nice and flattering.

I’m not too sure about these photos and whether I like them or not. The shadows on the face are quite full and contrasting with the light falling on the right side of the face.

Taken almost immediately after the last set of photos, this was taken at a better angle with more lighting, the shadows are nicer with these photos.

I really like these photos, even though she is wearing sunglasses and the light is behind her, she is illuminated beautifully with the soft lighting.

The first lot of pictures I took of her were rather unflattering, I told her to turn to the side slightly and they looked a lot nicer. Turning away from the sun meant that the light was perfect on her face.

This set of photos didn’t turn out too well. They were too exposed and therefore rather unsuccessful. It only needed a slight adjustment, and so I changed the settings slightly but I think it needed further adjusting to get right.

F/6.3 – ISO 100 – 1/100sec
F/8 – ISO 100 – 1/100sec

This was the last set of photographs I took, she was slightly smirking but its natural for people to do so. They’re not the best photographs I took, but they will suffice. I sorted out the settings and the photos came out beautifully, but the composition just doesn’t sit well with me.

F/9 – ISO 100 – 1/125sec



Street Portraits – Entry 2

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