Studio Pastiche – Entry 1

I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a photograph that immediately caught my eye. It’s visually beautiful and I saved it in my phone as I like it so much. I instantly thought about the studio pastiche assignment and how great and challenging it could be to recreate that particular photograph.


The photo is from NORD magazine and is of Audrey Kitching, an American fashion blogger, designer and model. The photo was taken by photographer David Phelps. I researched and found that there were other photographs in the shoot but these were less possible to recreate, though they were still stunning.


We had looked at lighting techniques in lectures and I know that I will need coloured gels to create the vibrant colours. I also need mannequins and a model that has bright coloured hair, or someone to wear a pink wig. Two lights will be needed, one to create the blue hue spread and the direct light on the model that is a pinkish tone.

David Phelps isn’t a very well known photographer, the only examples of his work can be found collectively on either instagram or tumblr. He is a former fashion model turned photographer and his work is beautiful.

Studio Pastiche – Entry 1

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