Studio Photography – Entry 1


10 -12-2o15

This is the first time I’ve used studio lighting and equipment and as I have had some much needed editing to get on with for a job I don’t really get much time to use it myself. I listened in on my tutors instructions to my peers, such as how to use the light meter to get readings, which allow us to find the appropriate settings for our camera. Two softboxes were set up facing a pop up backdrop that can be rear lighted to illuminate behind the subject. It essentially works as a large rear softbox if preferred. We used a hotshoe trigger for the softboxes which allowed us to trigger the flash.

Our tutor asked us to take a photo of each member of the class, this was my rushed result. (click on the photos to read my notes)


For a first attempt they’re not that bad, though I think the white balance needs adjustment as the photos are rather red in colour and I’m not a fan. It may take a few more tries to get a good result, and possibly some editing!

Studio Photography – Entry 1

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