Shallow Depth of Field – Entry 3

Another gala I attended whilst in London was ‘The Lobster’, I took hundreds of pictures at this event. Similarly to the High Rise premiere, I played around with the settings to get a variety of outcomes. Below are the pictures that show shallow depth of field.

The settings I used were: f/6.3 -1/320 – ISO 6400

Colin Farrell stopped for a long time to sign for fans so I managed to capture a lot, but these are the top selection. Taken only moments apart you can feel the energy, how he’s constantly moving, signing, having pictures taken. In the background you can see the press/paparazzi photographers (the real professionals). I am taking the pictures from a fans perspective within the crowd, you get a more intimate image instead of the lifeless, cold images you see from paparazzi.



Shallow Depth of Field – Entry 3

Slow Shutter Speed – Entry 1

The first attempt of slow shutter speed photography, taken in Leicester Square, London. One of my lecturers gave a shooting exercise to see how well we could take pictures at slow shutter speeds, he showed us examples, most of which were of light trails in the night time. Although these were remarkable, I thought I would try something different.

F/22 – 0.77 sec – ISO 100                            F/22 – 0.62 sec – ISO 100

What I captured is a little like Otto Steinert’s photographs, as the legs and feet are the only part you can see with the exception of the one person in focus in the second picture. I really like how they turned out but I think they would have looked nicer if they were on a tripod and not so exposed.


Slow Shutter Speed – Entry 1

Shallow Depth of Field -Entry 2

While in London for a week, I attended various Galas for the BFI London Film Festival at Leicester Square.

I have been to many movie premieres and celebrity events in the past two years and think its an exciting topic to photograph, you can really feel the rush and the atmosphere by looking at red carpet images. I was always thrilled seeing images of these events captured by professionals. Red carpet photographers such as BAFTA’s Rich Hardcastle, Jonathan Birch and Richard Kendal are fantastic at what they do and I feel that often I take photos at the same standard.

photo credit :


I took a vast amount of photos over the days and found that some of them were rather interesting; I was quite impressed I’d managed to get some good quality images in a large crowd of people. The ‘High Rise’ gala was my most successful, I used a range of settings to get the best possible photos and these are the photos I obtained that had a shallow depth of field…

I think these images are my best use of shallow depth of field, the photos are so up close and personal that you can really see the emotion on his face. I love that in some you can see the figure of Sienna Guillory posing for pictures in the background, but she is not in focus.

The settings I used for this were:

Varying between f/5 or f/5.6 – ISO 1600 – 1/320 sec

Shallow Depth of Field -Entry 2

Deep Depth of Field -Entry 1

As part of a shooting exercise, our lecturer asked us to take pictures of the rugby fans in Cardiff on match day. I took dozens of pictures during the day and as it was so bright and sunny outside, it was difficult to get a good balance of light for the photos and I often had to adjust the settings for different angles.

The settings used were:

  • F/9 – 1/320 sec – ISO 200
  • F/9 – 1/320 sec – ISO 800
  • F/7.1 – 1/320 sec – ISO 100

These pictures did not need an overly large aperture to get a deep depth of field, the images are clear and sharply focused which is aesthetically pleasing and makes for a better photograph. I love how the red stands out in the images, especially in the third picture where the red contrasts with the blue of the sky.


Deep Depth of Field -Entry 1

Shallow Depth of Field – Entry 1

The first shooting exercise given was for a list of numerous composition techniques, a tester to see how much we know and what we would capture in the small space of time. Taken around Cardiff, the images appear to be an attempt at shallow depth of field. I knew nothing about aperture this day or which settings worked best.

The settings used  were a mix of these:

  • f/10 – 1/100 sec – ISO 400
  • f/11 – 1/100 sec – ISO 800
  • f/11 – 1/100 sec – ISO 100
  • f/9 – 1/200 sec – ISO 800

I had only purchased my Nikon D3300 a week prior to this shoot, so I didn’t have much knowledge of the cameras settings. I switched between manual and auto-focus and these are the results I got. Although rather amateur they do have the desired effect of shallow depth of field to some extent.

Shallow Depth of Field – Entry 1